Cleaning your Rug

The hardy nature of our Dartmoor fleeces mean that ‘little and often’ care will help it last a lifetime. 

Maintaining you Rug

We suggest taking your rug outside from time to time and giving it a good shake to release any dust and dirt that may have gathered in its fibres. Leaving it outside when the weather is dry to air can also help, though be sure not to leave it out in direct sunlight. 

Cleaning your Rug

Our sheep have lived their life outside on Dartmoor and therefore our sheepskins still have many of the natural oils that help to repel dirt, so you may find that you never need to clean your rug. However, if you get a stain on your rug we suggest spot cleaning it with a touch of soap, cool water and a gentle sponge. 

A Thorough Clean

If you would like to give it a more thorough clean then we suggest hand-washing your rug in cool water. Only use pure soap or very mild detergents.

After washing your rug in cool water, gentle squeeze the water out of the rug, re shape it with your hands and dry it flat. Whilst your rug is drying we suggest gently flexing it so the hide stays supple. Once your rug is dry, if it is a native Dartmoor fleece from our signature range we strongly advise not to brush your rug. Brushing a Dartmoor rug will cause it to loose its natural curls/waves and will encourage the fleece to puff up. Alternatively we suggest gently teasing the curls with your hands to loosen them up again once the rug is dry. 

Things to Avoid

Strong sunlight and long exposure to heat sources such as radiators and wood burners. While our sheepskins are fine in bathrooms be careful they don’t get too damp on a regular basis as this will effect its look and can cause mould.