Farm Tours with The Dartmoor Shepherd

We host seasonal tours at our farm base in Chagford. Our farm is not usually open to the public so farm tours are a great opportunity to see behind the scenes.

We tailer each tour to suit our guests specific interests. Some of the activities we can offer are:

  • We can take you to pet the animals on the farm (native Dartmoor sheep and lambs, chickens, Tamworth pigs and sheepdogs).

  • You can help bottle feed the orphan lambs in the spring and early summer.

  • Explore our farm workshop where all our sheepskin products are handmade.

  • We can take you for a walk around the farm and chat about our regenerative farming methods; such as rotational grazing and pasture for life.

  • Help us move our flocks to fresh grass and see our working sheepdog Moss in action

  • We can then take you up to our shop located in Chagford town square where you can have a look at our woollen and sheepskin products that are made on the farm.

We can structure our tours to suit your interests, so if you are inspired by any or all of the activities listed above please email to enquire and arrange your tour.

* Please note all tours will need to be booked in advance.