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BBQ Hogget Box

BBQ Hogget Box

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We farm to organic principles (but are currently unable to convert to organic as much of our land is on grass keep and not tenanted). We are members of the Pasture for Life association and all our sheep are 100% pasture fed. Unlike most flocks we never use any supplementary feed. Feed is often made from imported cereals and soya that have grown from the result of deforestation or on land that could have been used to grow much needed crops for human consumption. By only grazing local Dartmoor pasture our sheep are healthier, happier and grow naturally at their own pace without negatively impacting the environment. Hogget is the stage between lamb and mutton. As all our sheep are slow grown we do not produce lamb only hogget and mutton. We believe hogget has a far superior taste and depth of flavour. 

Each BBQ hogget box consists of:

8 x Sausages

4 x Burgers

4 x Leg or shoulder steaks

6 x Assortment of chops/cutlets

1 x Pack of mince for lamb koftas


Please note boxes may take up to 4 weeks to be delivered from time of order.

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