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Cropped White Sheepskin Bean Bag

Cropped White Sheepskin Bean Bag

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This bean bag is great for tighter seating areas or making an undeniable statement in guest or gaming room. 

This beautiful bean bag is in cropped white sheepskin and is handmade in our farm workshop on Dartmoor using 4 British sheepskin rugs. If you want to use this bean bag as a nest or deeper seat, offering a burrow to support babies or younger children, then just remove some of the beans to make a larger "dip".

The small beanbag comes already filled, the stockinette sleeve and protective leather zip cover ensure no escapee beans. With quality upholstery and a genuine leather protective base, meaning it can be placed onto any household surface.

Approx: H 45 cm x W 70 cm x D 70 cm
Also available in our giant size.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is made to order and can take 6-8 weeks to be delivered from the time of ordering.

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