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Whiteface Dartmoor Cross Sheepskin

Whiteface Dartmoor Cross Sheepskin

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This sheepskin is from our flocks of native Whiteface Dartmoor sheep. We occassionally cross some of our Whiteface Dartmoor sheep with Bluefaced Leicester sheep. Bluefaced Leicesters are a type of longwool sheep with a very soft fleece. When crossed with our beautiful tight curled Whiteface Dartmoors it creates a hugely soft fleece with finer silkier, loose waves. Used by designer Tom Raffield based in Cornwall.

Our sheepslkins are an 100% natural product and therefore no two sheepskins are the same as they vary in length, texture and degree of curl. Our sheep have been bred to withstand the wild Dartmoor landscape and therefore our sheepskins are immensely durable. They generally last up to 10 times longer than other British and imported sheepskin rugs.

Our sheepskins are expertly tanned in Britain’s oldest tannery, located on the edge of Dartmoor.

Size: No less than 85cm - 55cm

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